AMY + BRIAN | Snug Harbor Relaxed Garden Wedding | Staten Island, NY

Their Love Story: 

Amy: We were friends first. I can say now that I was always intrigued by him. Brian had a quiet confidence about him and our interactions early on were very "hi" & 'bye". One summer night we ended up actually talking and having a really great conversation about nothing and everything. What stood out to me was how much I could be myself around him. Probably the most myself I'd ever felt with anyone. At the end of our talk we ended up having what we now call a "super long hug" As corny as it sounds a hug from him felt so comfortable to me, like home. But ever since then we had began our friendship which led to love. I can't really say when we went from friends to more than. It was easy and seamless and just felt right. It was all good timing. Brian and I actually went to elementary school together from pre-k to 8th grade, He was a grade older than I was. We never ran in to each other or met during this whole time. Brian also lived a few blocks away from my home growing up. Still crazy it took us close to 24 years to meet (I was still in grad school, he had just graduated). Again, I really believe timing was everything. I ended up moving to Brooklyn at 26 years old. My first place. Brian was there for me every step of the way and made sure I was always happy. That's one of the many things I love about him. He has the biggest and sweetest heart, calmest soul, and is just the most genuine man you'll ever meet. He's also a giant goofball and honestly one of the only people that can make me really laugh and laugh loudly. I've never felt more special than I do with him.

Brian: I'll always remember the first time I met Amy. I still feel the same electricity of that first smile every time I see her. She has an energy about her, a sweetness, that I've never felt around around anyone else. At first when we were just friends I loved her ability to look on the bright side. I found that so endearing and that drew me to her. It was a comfort to know whenever I felt down, all I needed to do was talk to Amy and she'd somehow find a way to cheer me up. I couldn't imagine things working out any other way. It's just perfect.

Special Details: My mom gave me a tiny chimney sweeper figurine as my something borrowed. She said that in her country (Poland) when anyone saw a chimney sweeper you held on to a button and you would be brought good luck throughout the whole day. So the chimney man represents good luck. The blue elephant is my something old and blue which was my grandmothers. Elephants also bring good luck. The two love birds on top of our wedding cake was also brought from Poland and were handmade for us by friends of the family who are artists in Poland. I wore a flower crown in honor of my Grandfather. When I was younger and would visit him in Poland he would make me flower crowns out of the wildflowers in the fields. We also did a special bread ceremony which is a Polish tradition where the parents welcome the bride and the groom. The parents are meeting the newlyweds with symbolic gifts. With bread, the parents give their wishes that their children will never go hungry or be in need. With the salt, they are reminding the couple that their life may be difficult at times and they must learn to cope with life’s struggles and persevere. The two shot glasses symbolizes that the couple never go thirsty. One shot glass filled with vodka and the other filled with water. Whoever choses the vodka would be “the head of the house” or “wear the pants in the relationship” (It was funny that I had taken the vodka since I was pretty confident my mom would have strategically placed the water glass in front of me since I don't handle shots all that well. I guess it was meant to be.)

Wedding Date: 8/20/2016

Venue(s): Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden + Staten Island, New York

Florist: Bride & Blossom

Cake Designer: Palermo's +

DJ/Band/Music: 74 Events

Videographer: NST

Transportation: Neighbor's Vintage Car

Dress and/or Suit Designer(s): Katie May Collection + Lovely Bride Indochino

Bride's Shoe Designer: ASOS

Wedding Party Attire: Always a Bridesmaid + Groomsmen Suits: Macy's

Makeup + Hair Artist: Mancini Giuffre Salon & Spa

Rings: My Aunt and Cousin from Poland brought our bands for us from Apart

Wedding Theme: Romantic. Bright and Sunny, Laid-back, Whimsical

Inspiration: European gardens, Wildflowers, La Vie en Rose (our wedding song)