ELISA + MIKE | Rustic, Coastal Maine Wedding | Damariscotta, ME

FROM THE BRIDE: Mike and I met the new-fashioned way - on the internet - in March of 2013. I had literally just moved to NYC from SF for a three month work project, and was planning on moving back to SF by the summer. I had heard NY dating/men were horrible - flaky, flighty, and sometimes soul-crushing. I had low and short-term dating expectations that mostly centered around trying out some cocktail bars and having a few good conversations. 

And then I met Mike. (I'm embarrassed to admit that the night we met for an after-work drink at Booker & Dax, I actually had a dinner date planned with someone right after). I thought he was nice, good looking, polite - but that's about it. No crazy sparks. He asked me on another date, and I was like....okay, I guess. He convinced me with a bike ride and since I didn't have a bike in NYC, I thought, "Why not? He's an urban planner - I bet he's at least a good city tour guide." 

So we had an amazing (and very Brooklyn-centric) second date - bike tour of Brooklyn, a walk on the Brooklyn promenade, Brooklyn Flea, a drink at Brooklyn Inn... I thought he was amazing and definitely felt those sparks...but I was still pretty reluctant to think too seriously about it. I was planning on moving back to SF anyway! 

Then Mike wore me down in the most romantic, persistent, cheerful, way ever. He texted me constantly. He planned funny surprises. He was emotive and committed and super loving, but never pressured me to match him (which I didn't for some time...) When I tried to show his dating profile to a friend after our third date, it was gone. - like it disappeared from the internet. I was confused, and when I brought it up, he said he didn't need to be online anymore - he only wanted me. It wasn't a big thing to him. It was just how he felt. Simple, true, never complicated. I never moved back to SF. 

Within 9 months we'd moved in together. Within 2 years, we were engaged. 3.5 years later, we're married. It's been a whirlwind of bike rides and traveling and goofiness and good food with friends and family. Through it all, Mike has been the most consistent, committed partner, never wavering in his love for me or his expression of it.

SPECIAL DETAILS: Our first dance was to an accordion recording my grandfather made of Edith Piaf's "La Vie en Rose" - recorded in France a few weeks before as he and my grandmother were unable to make the trip due to medical reasons. 

In French tradition, Mike's mom walked him down the aisle. 

Each table was named after a special city for us. Mike spent literally days making custom to-scale city maps as table cards for each table! 

During the ceremony, we had a ring warming where my ring passed through each person's hands on Mike's side of the aisle and his ring passed through each person's hands on my side of the aisle. Brent our officiant and our friend WC Beck played an acoustic version of "This Must Be the Place" by the Talking Heads.

Mike's ring is engraved not with our wedding date but rather the day we met, which feels equally important to us as a day to celebrate. We plan on celebrating that day in addition to our wedding anniversary every year.

Venue(s): Ceremony: Walpole Meeting House - Damariscotta, ME;  Reception: Darrows Barn / Round Top Barn

Event Planner: Landfall Designs

Florist: A Natural Arrangement

Catering: Harvest Moon Catering

Cake Designer: Pies from Annie's Cakes via Crissy's Coffee Bar

Dress and/or Suit Designer(s): J. Crew

Wedding Party Attire: Everyone did their own thing :)

Hair and Makeup Artist: Ariel Johnson

Rings: Elisa's ring: Lori McLean, Mike's ring: Re-fined

Wedding Theme: Vintage, convivial, rustic, personal, colorful, delicious.